lunes, febrero 9

Vaya ! Qué basura; increíble !

My french is gettin' rusty.
Je ne mange pas de la viande..
no sé qué haré !

je n'veux pas te voir !

i hate myself so much right now..
well, not that much, but i don't like how things turned out for me.
i hate you; hate me; and most of all, hate her.
hate me for making bad choices.
hate you for making me think things that where not that real and for making me feel a little miserable at some moments. the worst of all, is that you didn't even notice or.. ignored those shitty moments of mine.
hate her for being such a stupid, manageable, dumb ball licking bitch.

my heart began to race as i rethought the news that a friend gave me..
bad news.
bad things happening to me ? No way !
Hah !
i should get used to that, but i just can't..
and i won't.
i'm tired of it.\
sick of it.
i want respect.
enough respect.

1 comentario:

Andriu dijo...

we hate bitches!!

chin up!
you're awesome!

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